Mobile App Development

We are leaders in the development of custom Android and iOS applications. Whether your goal is to turn an ambitious idea into a reality or complement your organisation with a dynamic mobile app, we can help.

Mobile app development.

HASHVA works at the forefront of app development, bringing complex business ideas to life. We build end-to-end mobile app solutions for startups and enterprise level organisations, working to make them successful in a highly competitive market. Our mobile apps are built on a simple philosophy. We believe usability and effectiveness are the two cornerstones of any mobile-based solution. Our mobile app development Melbourne team not only develops a unique app that meets your requirements, but ensures a smooth user experience for your internal workforce and your customers. With years of experience in mobile apps development and a varied portfolio, Hashva can help you choose the right technology depending on your business goals. With our expert developers, you have the choice of native, cross-platform or hybrid mobile apps that connect seamlessly with your existing digital solutions.



Choosing the right operating system for your mobile app determines its impact in the long run. We analyse your business and evaluate your goals, recommending a platform that fits your profile. Whether you are looking for Android and iOS app developers or a mobile game development company, our qualified team of specialist will develop the best possible solution according to the requirement. As an ambitious business owner, you can also decide to work with our cross platform development team ensuring compatibility across all mobile devices.


A data or power-hungry app can be frustrating to users. This may have a negative impact and your brand image and hurt the apps long-term outlook. Maintaining the right balance between visual appeal and technical efficiency is a difficult but necessary task that some developers struggle with. We create optimised apps that do not place extra strain on the battery or bandwidth, providing the best possible experience to users.

UX Design

Many mobile apps fail because of poor design decisions from inexperienced designers. Stunning graphics might create a good first impression, but a confusing navigation or lack of organisation can spell big trouble for an app’s future success. Our mobile UX specialists and mobile app development Syndey team work to ensuring that the design and functionality of your app meet the highest standards in every regard.

Support & Maintenance

Building a great app for your business isn’t the end of the process if you want to be successful. Rather it’s just the first stage. A competitive app needs to be regularly updated, improved and tweaked according to the feedback of its users and new ideas that you may wish to explore. Quality assurance plays a significant role in determining the success of any mobile app. We follow a strict and rigorous quality control process that ensures flawless products right from the development phase. Keep in mind we are always on hand to provide maintenance services should you require any further development.





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