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We create fine-tuned, engaging online stores that scale as your business grows.

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With more than 15 years of experience and a proven track record behind us, the WebAlive team can help you create a visually appealing, robust ecommerce website that converts. Our fun designs, engaging layouts and straightforward checkout options make things easy for your customers. Your management needs are met, with a hoard of features at your fingertips integrated into an intuitive backend that gives you full control.

Fully customised design and development to fit with the needs and aesthetic value of your business

Secure shopping cart with multiple payment methods and shipping options

Easy integration of leading accounting, billing and marketing tools

Built to maximise customer satisfaction while minimising your costs and time spent on admin


Building an ecommerce site isn’t exactly rocket science. But to be successful, it’s essential to conduct extensive research, devise a sound strategy and have the technical skills behind you.

Multiple payment methods

Your ecommerce site should have multiple payment options to make it convenient for your customers. We can easily integrate any payment method or gateway if your choosing, and provide recommendations if you are unsure what’s suitable. Giving your customers a wider choice of payment options can actually increase your sales. Obviously, you might have a personal preference on which ones to include, or you may not be set up to receive payment via certain methods. But be aware that a proportion of customers will abandon a store on the payment page if their preferred payment method is not available. So it’s in your best interests to include as many as possible.

Easy customer management options

Each of the ecommerce sites we design come with built-in customer management tools. In addition to the standard features, you may like to add features such as the live chat functionality, email subscription options, specialised shipping profiles, specific tools for analytics or any other custom option you prefer. Just ask our team. In your ecommerce dashboard, you can easily view which products are most popular with your customers according to views and sales. Answering customer queries and handling their requests are also made simple from the back end. Various customer management options help you take care of your valued clients and keep them coming into your onsite store.

Advanced shopping cart

Cart abandonment is the nightmare that every ecommerce site owner wants to avoid. With our advanced shopping cart optimisation, we ensure that your customers experience a smooth, frictionless checkout that minimises the rate of cart abandonment. Allow your customers to check out as guests or open an account if they choose to. Using persistent cookies, we can save the shopping cart in cases where the customer gets distracted and doesn’t complete the purchase. Upon returning, the customer can find the items conveniently available in the cart as they were before. This is a proven method that increases sales over the long run.

Better search and filtering capability

Nicely optimised search and filtering options can help your customers find exactly what they need. The search bar of your site should show a list of popular related products whenever a potential customer types a product related keyword. Similarly, when a customer views a product, a list of related products should appear at the bottom of the page. Don’t worry if you find this complicated. Our expert team will configure your site to automate the process. Of course, you can also manually add items to the suggested product list, if you have something specific in mind.


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